Marketing, a privately owned marketing consulting services business operating out of New Orleans, Louisiana. In addition to serving the Greater New Orleans area, many of our clients are located in the New York Metro area. Marketing, etc...understands the importance of managing your web presence in order to be seen and be heard in the 21st century, and therefore offers services in marketing strategy, consulting, social media marketing, blog writing, content strategy, e-mail marketing, search marketing, customer service consulting, as well as managing your search engine optimization and website design services.

We want to know about you and your business.

What are your goals?

Who are your customers?

Every business model requires growth from being seen and being heard...Marketing, etc...just wants to make this happen for you. We want to see your dreams realized in this lifetime! 

Marketing, etc. works with you and your business to help understand your business goals, establish your needs and create a successfully integrated Internet marketing strategy to help you be seen and be heard.